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Fiona has been fascinated by the human condition her whole life.  It has been a life-long endeavour to uncover life’s mysteries, to discover the motivations behind behaviour patterns, and most importantly, what we can do to effect change in ourselves.  As an English student she learnt about human nature from writers like Henry Miller, Oscar Wilde, DH Lawrence, Anais Nin and Charles Bukowski.  Studying psychology and philosophy at university, taught her about the recognised psychotherapy theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, amongst others.  Since then, Fiona has delved into Eastern philosophies and the indigenious peoples of the world more, including Osho, Martin Prechtel, Paramahansa Yogananda & B.K.S Iyengar, HOWEVER although many ideas resonated, life often continued down the same path it had always followed.  How to effect REAL change was the question.

Fiona’s path took her to London’s vibrant music scene.  For more than a decade she worked for the world’s leading music promoter, working hard and playing harder.  After years of fun and excess, it was time for a change, but where to begin.  Fiona looked at her worst vice – smoking.  Averaging 20 a day for the previous 15 years, she was a ‘proper’ smoker – a first-thing-in-the-morning, go-for-several-cigarette-breaks-during-work smoker.  She had tried to give up with will power alone, and had some success, (a few months here and there), but not been able to give up totally, and battling internally the whole time in order to resist the temptation - “maybe I could just have one when I drink”, or “just at the weekends”.  There never seemed to be the right time to quit either – “maybe once I have gotten over this break up, I will quit”, or “maybe after the Christmas party season”….  Until one day, a friend mentioned a hypnotist had helped him to quit in one group session.

Fiona was incredulous and had many questions – “surely you weren’t a ‘proper’ smoker then?”, “surely you must still be desperate for a smoke?” while thinking “this is never going to last”.  So with this inspiration, Fiona took her first leap into the experience of hypnosis.

As a regular meditator, she didn’t find the visualisation and peaceful breathing techniques unfamiliar, however she was surprised and fascinated to discover a new feeling after the session was over.  She would describe her experience as follows: “I couldn’t explain it.  I could remember everything that transpired during the group session, everything the gentleman said.  Nothing weird or transcendental happened.  During the break, before the hypnosis had occurred, I went for a ciggie break!  But after the session, I just didn’t feel like one.  I went home to bed and have never smoked again, and have never really wanted to smoke either. No internal battles, I just never had a cigarette again”.   She was lucky.  Some people require more one-on-one attention, and perhaps a repetition of sessions to achieve success, but clearly change CAN happen, and DOES happen with this form of therapy, sometimes instantly.  The answer, Fiona found, was to talk to the sub-conscious, instead of focusing on the conscious, analytical mind that she had hitherto been doing.

Since then, she has used self-hypnosis for birthing her two children - intervention-free, drug-free and pain-free. She used self-hypnosis tracks on a regular basis leading up to the births and not only had births where she found herself calm and controlled in whatever situation she found herself in, but also that listening to these tracks became her refreshing power naps during the day! It was a welcome, restful, nurturing moment in her busy day, where she took 20 minutes to herself, coming back rejuvenated, and uplifted about her birthing journey to come. She states that even if the self-hypnosis had no effect on her births whatsoever, she would have still enjoyed and treasured those moments of tranquillity and connection with her unborn child. She describes the birthing experience using self-hypnosis as being: “In a zone. Focused and calm. Connected with my breath. Co-operating with my body harmoniously. Unaware of little details going on around me.”

If you would like to learn more about the Natal Hypnotherapy programme that Fiona used for birthing, the company have launched a full programme online now: best.hypnobirthingclass.online/courses/hypnobirthing?afmc=BP007440
(In order to aid transparency – be advised that buying via this link will feed back a small commission to PC Hypnotherapy, however our recommendation comes from a place that authentically, and genuinely wishes that every woman should have a stress-free pregnancy and a relaxed, calm birthing experience, and knowing that this programme helps achieve this)

Following on from this experience, Fiona has been determined to see what other parts of human behaviour and habits can be transformed using the power of hypnosis. Fiona went on to study hypno-psychotherapy in 2016 and has been working ever since on honing her knowledge and skills in order to help others navigate their way through difficult situations, internally or externally.

Positive Change Hypnotherapy now offers listen-at-home recordings for purchase, after seeing the great results that can be achieved by practising in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience.  We have a range of tracks especially for children that have been pre-recorded, and also offer the service of making bespoke or made-to-order recordings.  With just a few details discussed over email, you will receive a track designed especially for you and your particular desired changes. Not all issues can be attended to by this online method, some require face-to-face, in-depth analytical therapy, but contact us to determine whether a recording would suit you or not.

Fiona trained at the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Australia) ICHP hypnotherapy-australia.com

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